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JAN 13, 2020

Our latest collection starts with exploring the streets of Les Baux-de-Provence. Breathing in its inspiring air and observing local culture alongside locals allowed rough sketches on paper to turn into beautiful handcrafted pieces. By transforming ideas into natural and tactile sculptures to feel and admire, allows our latest Provençal inspired collection to bring not just a decorative accent to a space, but also a cultural experience.

The Les Baux collection features simple shapes and a rich Provençal influence to bring forth rustic coloured pieces handcrafted to showcase natural imperfections that’s gives unique personalities to each. Provence has a 

 timeless elegance and romance that surrounds it. By marrying these romantic shapes with rich historical backgrounds has shown a substantial influence in our designs and we aim to pay tribute to each piece’s heritage.

Our story took a pause at the historic town of Aubagne. This eccentric and charming town forms the centre of local ceramicists and artisans. Collaborating with these craftsmen allowed our collection to bring a touch of old history to each item. It features skilled stoneware construction and its handmade nature, as well as ancient presence are illuminated by pops of chocolate-coloured browns to dark burgundy hues.

coloured browns to dark burgundy hues.

Reaching into depths of rich cultural and structural beauty, the Les Baux collection shows detail, intricacies and natural textures that highlights the Provençal narrative. It showcases ideas that have sprung from traditional roots and have grown to eclectic individual artworks.

Within our latest ensemble we’ve incorporated a historical style that elevates rooms and atmospheres with sculptural beauty and architectural history. Rustic stoneware combined with handcrafted good-looks and a touch of nature all forms part of each piece’s individual character.

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